HL index (beta)
HL index is an indicator of the quality of a project, which is calculated by our system for evaluating the execution and the entire work of the project as a whole. This indicator is influenced by technical characteristics, our personal opinion, as well as dynamic parameters, such as popularity, advertising campaign, development, investor attitude, etc. Therefore, this indicator may change over time.
The purpose of developing this indicator is primarily to help newcomers, with its help we will try to warn you against elementary mistakes. As well as the index will be used as an additional tool for sorting projects.
How to use
The index has a value from 0 to 10 points:
0 - 2.5
This is the highest risk! Here are projects that are known will not give any profit, just refrain even from viewing these projects.
2.5 - 5
In this range, things are a little better. The lower limit is likely to be represented by projects with a weak technical part and with overvalued interest rates, but in some cases giving a profit. The rest of the range will be presented by projects with poor preparation, but showing work and projects that have good preparation, but due to the short period of work or lack of development and advertising, have not yet moved into the next range.
It is not recommended to invest in this category without possessing additional information and experience, as well as the amount of more than the minimum. Not a rare case is the blocking of accounts with relatively large amounts.
5 - 7.5
In this range, projects have gathered, with good or even excellent preparation, but recently launched or projects that already show good results and development. In any case, it is possible to look narrowly at projects of this category.
7.5 - 10
In this range are projects worthy of attention. Here are presented long-running projects, with an impeccable reputation, and new ones, but with the best performance and an extensive advertising campaign. Remember, that aggressive advertising at the start of the project can lead to a fast scam.
Always remember that this index is not a panacea, it is only an auxiliary analysis tool that does not guarantee 100% of the profits and safety of your funds in a particular project.
All projects that have the status "Not paying" are assigned an index equal to 0.
At this stage, this indicator is in beta testing, if you find a mistake or it seems to you that the indicator is not true, please write to admin@hyiplogs.com
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