29 Sep, 2020
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Project News
Admin drift.biz Sep 26, 2020 20:45
Adding a «Video Section»
Today the «Video Section» has appeared in the Drift project. The Video Section will now replace the Learning Center that was previously available in the account menu. The «Video Section», in contrast to the «Training Center», is available not only to registered project participants, but also to all guests of our site.

All videos are sorted in 10 different languages, we have collected some of the videos from both foreign content-makers of the project and from Russian-speaking authors.

What videos can I add?
You can add any video about the Drift project to the «Video section» - it can be a video about the payment of earnings from the project, a video review or, for example, a news digest. Videos in which any other projects appear, for example tops of economic games, cannot be included in the «Video section».

What are the video requirements?
When adding a «Video Section» to any video, there are clear requirements that must be met to get into the general list of videos:
→ Videos must be captured from PC, videos taken from phone are not suitable.
→ The video must contain the author's legible speech.
→ The video author's microphone must be functional. No unnecessary noise.
→ Videos must have a beautiful preview, videos without previews are not accepted.
→ Only videos published on YouTube video hosting are accepted.

How to get featured videos?
By default, the last added videos are shown in the «Video section» for all authorized users. However, for those who are not currently logged in, for example, guests of our project, we decided to display a block of «recommended» videos.

Only the best video reviews of the project are allowed in the list of recommended videos, in which all the mechanics of the project are clearly and in detail described. The list is formed personally by the project administration.

How to get into the block of regular authors?
In the «Video section» itself, we added a block with regular authors - users who shoot videos about the Drift project on a regular basis.
→ You need to have at least 10k YouTube subscribers
→ You need to create a separate playlist with video about the Drift project
→ You need to have at least 5 videos about the Drift project
Admin drift.biz Sep 24, 2020 19:01
Translations into English and Spanish are now available!
Hola, amigos! Finally we have completed the translation of the Ferma project! Now our friends from English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries can enjoy the Ferma project to their fullest without using online translators.

The ability to switch the language is now available in the upper right part of your account interface.
Admin drones.cash Sep 24, 2020 12:28
Regional representative program
We started our regional representative program two weeks ago and many of our loyal clients have already become our regional representatives in many countries. Many of them have been working with DronesCash for a long time and know how profitable and effective this cooperation is. They speak many languages and ready to help other people who ask them for an advice on choosing the most effective cooperation strategy with DronesCash

If you trust DronesCash and would like to help people in such unstable time with DronesCash limitless opportunities, you may apply for representative on this page:
HYIPLogs Sep 24, 2020 10:52
Problem solved
The problem with depositing has been solved.
Admin drift.biz Sep 23, 2020 20:35
Return of «Lamborghini Spark» and integration with the Ferma project
Now you can link your account in the Ferma project to your account in the Drift project in the «Account Settings» section. The snapping will open up a number of features that will be added to the Drift project with updates.

However, even now, after linking, you can buy the familiar «Lamborghini Spark» in the Cargo Transportation section, which, as many remember, was a promotional car in the Taxi Park section before the launch of the Ferma project.

More about integration
The integration will allow you to combine your account in the Drift project with an account in the Ferma project, it is not necessary to do this, but by merging the accounts you will get a lot of opportunities for yourself that will be added soon:
→ Access to purchase Lamborghini Spark in the «Trucking» section
→ Access to the integration of referrals in the section «Referral settings» (soon)
→ Access to the «double» promo page in the «Affiliate program» (soon)

It should be understood that integration is a simple interconnection of your accounts in two different projects, we do not plan to combine two projects into one, or thus influence the economy of two projects. «Integration» simply opens up a number of possibilities for you in Drift.

Learn more about the «Lamborghini Spark»
Many already know «Lamborghini Spark», it appeared with us in June as a promotional car and had a lifespan of 30 days and a payback of 110%. Now «Lamborghini Spark» will be in the «Trucking» section on a permanent basis, however, in order to take an order for «Lamborghini Spark», you must fulfill special conditions, namely:
→ Link your Ferma account to your Drift account in the settings
→ Complete at least three of any orders in the section «Cargo transportation»

Specifications «Lamborghini Spark»:
→ Cost: 5 555 rubles.
→ Payback: 115% per order
→ Completion time: 30 days
→ Total income: 6 388 rubles.

After completing the «Lamborghini Spark» order, you can start it again, the «Lamborghini Spark» is entered into Drift on an ongoing basis.
Admin atom.limited Sep 23, 2020 00:09
The financial world is a means for achieving your desires!
Hello 👋, dear investors of the company Atom Global Group LTD! We are glad to present to your attention the 📝 interim results of our activities.

📊 To everyone's delight, the economic situation in the stocks and cryptocurrency markets is as positive as possible for medium- and long-term trading transactions.

The revival of the US stock market in connection with the election campaign, as well as excellent financial reports to the shareholders of a number of system-forming enterprises, allowed our company's traders to exceed the profit plan for IPO, ETFs and Stocks investment packages. 🎉

The OTC market is also keeping up with the general economic holiday. Our analysts were able to conclude a number of deals to invest in several high-tech companies at the pre-IPO stage. 📃 These transactions are very important for our investment fund and will bring our investors the maximum possible profit in the long term.

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a logical correction after a long bullish mood.💸 Everyone knows that a correction is the best time to make a profit. Our traders have skillfully recorded profits on long positions and are now gaining their main positions, combining risks with short positions. In addition, the company's 💡analysts most successfully analyzed the fundamental components of the market and were able to find a number of cryptocurrency projects, the growth of tokens of which subsequently occurred several times. Investment profit on the Crypto package is guaranteed!

🏆 Atom Global Group LTD is a simple and easy investment available to everyone!
HYIPLogs Sep 22, 2020 22:59
Problem solved.
The administration has contacted us. The problem with user blocking has been solved. No more claims at the moment.
HYIPLogs Sep 22, 2020 09:37
Problems with payments
We have received several complaints from different users about accounts blocking and no payments. The administration of the project has not commented on this situation in any way. Be extremely attentive and careful. Follow the news.
HYIPLogs Sep 21, 2020 18:37
Problems with payments
We received a complaint from one of the users about the lack of payments. The administration of the project does not get in touch. Be extremely attentive and careful.
HYIPLogs Sep 21, 2020 18:11
Account blocking
We received a complaint from one of the users about blocking his account with all the money. The administration of the project is not getting in touch. Be extremely attentive and careful.
HYIPLogs Sep 21, 2020 18:06
Account blocking
We received a complaint from one of the users about blocking his account with all the money. The administration of the project is not getting in touch. Be extremely attentive and careful.
Admin drift.biz Sep 21, 2020 17:32
Project design update
The summer vacation season is over, we, as promised earlier, are launching a wave of updates, the first, and one of the most important updates is the redesign.

About redesign
The redesign affected absolutely all pages of the guest part of the project, authorization, registration, errors, in addition, we slightly refreshed the design of the account and made a small rearrangement by moving such pages as «Project statistics» and «User profile» to the guest area of ​​the project.

We have also significantly improved the adaptation and optimization of the resource, now many pages will load much faster, and the visual part when visiting the project from mobile devices has become noticeably better.

About the social part
We continue to increase the importance of the social part of the project, this time we decided to place on the main page a table with project leaders in five different categories, as well as move the sections «Project statistics» and «User profile» to the guest zone of the project.

Thanks to this, any visitor to the project, including the guest, will be able to observe the development of any user of the project by going to his profile from the sections «Main page» or «Project statistics».

Minor changes:
→ «Top 10» in the «Project statistics» section has been increased to «Top 50»
→ The maximum number of friends has been increased to 100 people
→ «Learning Center» was removed due to the imminent introduction of the «Video section»
Admin infinitetime.biz Sep 19, 2020 10:46
Our PerfectMoney's Account got an issue. We are working on it.
Our PerfectMoney's Account got an issue. We are working on it.
Please be patient , all requests will be processed until Tuesday. ( We are trying to fix it sooner , but it is weekend )
There is no need to be worried about,
All the requests will be processed with %3 extra profit.
We hope you accept our apologies.
Admin excel-mining.io Sep 18, 2020 01:09
2 Year Contracts Now Available!
2 year contracts are now available for all cloud mining algorithms! Use our purchase page to customize a perfect contract in your favor!
Admin infinitetime.biz Sep 15, 2020 19:31
NOW , Tether TRC20 is accepted
Now you can make deposit via Tether :
Only Tether USDT ( TRC20 ). (( Tron's token ))